Jaya has been singing her heart out since before she had front teeth and thats no exaggeration. Enchanted by female power houses from Ella Fitzgerald to Winona Judd, her musical influences cross quite a spectrum. Picking up a guitar in high school, songwriting was instinctual-the most natural outlet imaginable. She writes about growing up on the west coast, time spent on the ocean, in the forest, her travels and the careful navigation of the heart.

She studied Jazz vocals at the Victoria Music Conservatory, and has been performing steadily ever since. You can see her perform in a variety of jazz groups around Victoria and leading a 7-piece Patsy Cline tribute Band. Jaya brings many of her originals to life and plays keys in an Indie-Rock band, Wise Child. She is an artist and a storyteller, you are invited to be a part of her journey.